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How do I schedule a medical appointment with the doctor?

Please call Call Centre or Clinic numbers provided. Or book online through link provided

Email us at with your details and requirement and our customer service will get back to you.

When making a medical appointment what information should I provide?

If you are planning to visit our hospital for the first time, please provide your full name, place, contact number and the name of the Department/Doctor you wish to get an appointment with.
If you are coming for a review, please provide the hospital MRN number mentioned in your hospital ID card/Discharge summary.

How do I know if my Insurance is covered in Mediclinic?

Please visit the Insurance page in this website for more details.

This is my first visit. Where should I approach for a new appointment/registration?

At the enquiry counter please check the availability of the doctor

On arrival, you have to fill the registration form provided at the enquiry or any customer care executive and hand over the completed form to the designated front office counter, you will be then guided from there.

In case of any special requirement please contact the Customer Relations Department.

I have already taken an appointment via Phone/Online, where should I report?

Please carry your hospital card provided to you during your first registration or at least your hospital number whenever you visit our hostpital. Please approach the enquiry counter or any Customer Care Executive who will then guide you further. If you do not remember your MRN number, then please provide the answers to the queries asked by the front office staff who will then retrieve your Number. However, do not register again and obtain a new registration number.

If you are coming for the first time you will have fill the registration form. Front Office staff shall then guide you further.

What should I do after paying the registration fees?

You shall be guided towards your doctor's OP room where you will have to await your turn to see the Doctor.

The doctor has asked me to see a doctor in another department. How should I proceed?

Please approach the Front Office with the MRN number/OP Doctor’s Prescription/discharge summary and request them for an appointment with the referred doctor. If the doctor is available on the same day you will be requested to make the payment and arrangements will be made for cross consultation, else an appointment will be fixed at a convenient time on another day.

How can I get various investigations/diagnostics tests done?

We have excellent full-fledged laboratory and imaging services available round the clock to carry out various diagnostic tests/investigations. On reaching the hospital, approach the Front Office, and provide your MRN number/prescription. The staff shall guide you to the concerned testing facility.

How can I get a medical report?

If you are an out-patient then please request your the doctor to provide you with the required medical report. For all in-patients a discharge summary shall be provided at the time of discharge.

How can I follow up with my doctor once I go home?

For all in-patients, discharge summary will be provided at the time of the discharge. The number for contacting the doctor is provided in the summary. Moreover our customer care executives shall also call you for feedback and follow-up.

In case of out-patients the medical prescription provided by the doctor contains the doctor's/hospital telephone number for further follow up.

The doctor has asked me to visit him again. What should I do next?

If you are present in the hospital, please make a review appointment at the front office counter for the date the doctor has requested otherwise you may call :
Mediclinic Middle East Call Centre : 8001999
Call the individual clinic to book appointment:
Mediclinic Deira City Centre : +971 4 605 5901, +971 4 605 5907
Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Al Garhoud : +971 4 282 7788
Mediclinic Qusais : +971 4 602 8999 Ext 0, 8900, 8940
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